Omarcity developed in 2018 from a desire to offer a platform to small sustainable and inspirational brands from undiscovered “creative cities” around the world. It is an exploration of their products in our online showroom/shop, and an invite to get inspired by their style, their world, their interior designs, their work spaces and their stories.

To build this future dreamcity, we travel the world and get inspired by the talent and creativity of driven entrepreneurs we meet along the way.

Every new product or brand is a building block of Omarcity. As city planners our goal is to create an unexpected whole. A place where we hope our children can grow up and retain their childish wonder. A place where abundance hides in diversity, far away from uniformity.

Therefore, Omarcity is also a search into new forms of entrepreneurship. We dont want to be the biggest, but the happiest. We are entrepreneurs in our own lives in the pursuit of freedom. Life, kids and work go hand in hand. Our children are our fellow explorers. We invite you to follow our path!

The pieces you can discover on our platform are all unique, held to the highest quality, and chosen because of our personal love for the design and beauty. In spite of the ecletic entity, there is also a common thread: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Something old - the brand builds on centuries of traditions and craftmanship. On the icons of their country or culture.

Something new - they add contemporary standards and innovative designs

Something borrowed - they use natural products or recycled materials

Something blue -the brand belongs to the so called blue economy